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Buy Goose Feather Pillows

For a more affordable, fluffy pillow, opt for a style that features both down and feathers. FluffCo uses a two-layer design with down on the outer layer for softness and feathers in the core for support. The responsibly sourced fill is available in both soft and firm options. Users enjoyed its fluffiness, and one told us, "night after night, it maintained the same comfort level as the first day I slept on it." It didn't shrink after washing, and our pros liked how nicely it fit inside a pillowcase.

buy goose feather pillows

Back sleepers need a thinner pillow than side sleepers for proper neck alignment. This down pillow from Casper has a loft that's ideal for back sleepers. It fit perfectly in a standard-size pillowcase and was beloved by testers for being comfortable and maintaining its proper shape after use. The five-chamber design keeps the down and feather fill evenly distributed. One tester said she especially loved how it "holds its shape and doesn't go flat."

With a medium loft, this pillow is suitable for multiple sleeping positions, but our testers said its low loft is ideal for stomach sleepers. It features a unique design with a supportive inner chamber of feathers that's surrounded by fluffy down for ultimate softness. After laundering, this pillow showed no shrinkage, but it did show some signs of wear. The down is certified by the Responsible Down Standard for traceability in the supply chain. It's also a Good Housekeeping Seal holder, so it's covered by our limited warranty.

Down creates an excellent plush feel, but it doesn't always offer enough support for some. This hybrid pillow from Allswell features down and polyester fibers with a solid memory foam core. Although it fits perfectly in a standard-size pillow, this pillow had average scores for durability and performance. It's best suited for people who prefer firmer pillows. One tester said: "After initially being stiff, it did eventually conform to my way of sleeping."

Emma Seymour (she/her) is a senior product analyst at the Good Housekeeping Institute's Textiles, Paper and Apparel Lab, where she has led testing for luggage, pillows, towels, tampons and more since 2018. She graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor of science in fiber science and apparel design and a minor in gerontology, completing research in the Body Scanner Lab on optimizing activewear for athletic performance.

Down and Feather Co. is a premium manufacturer of made-to-order down and feather pillows and other luxury bedding, using only the finest and most expensive materials in the world. We believe the best products and materials do NOT need to be sourced from China.We are the home of The Original Feather, just like the one at grandma's house. We are the home of the orignal 'Perfect Pillow Policy'.We are the opposite of Amazon. Nothing is already made sitting in a box waiting to be shipped!All of our down and feather pillows will ship in their own box, uncompressed, inside a travel bag with handles.All of our down and feather pillows are 'traditionally' designed without chambers, feather cores surrounded by down, internal chambers or any other pillow-in-pillow design. We make them the old fashioned way!

Made-to-order means that, after an online order has been placed, the selected down luxury bedding item must be made first before it can be shipped. The product must be cut and the fabric sewn to the correct dimensions, as ordered. The final step is filling the selected product with preferred down, feather or a blend, and ensuring that the density is exact, as ordered.

Down and Feather Co. will adjust any down pillow or feather pillows one (1) density level softer or firmer than the density level of the original order for FREE for one (1) year from the date of purchase. For example, if a customer orders the most popular medium density pillow, we will adjust it to be 'thicker' or 'thinner' for FREE, for one (1) year.

Hungarian white goose down is legendary around the world for the size and consistency of the down clusters. However, not all Hungarian white goose down is created equal so we have ours isotope tested by an independent lab to make sure ours isn't from China and wasn't washed and cleaned in China! Many offer Hungarian white but is it really Hungarian? We know ours is. I wonder if they know.

All of our luxury down bedding items; down and feather pillows, comforters and mattress toppers come with our 30 Night Comfort Guarantee from the DATE OF DELIVERY. Don't judge your new pillow based on the weight of the box or the feel when compressed with your hand. Use it as designed, sleep on it, with a pillow protector and a pillow case before deciding whether or not it's perfect for you.

All of our pillow are Made in the USA of imported materials. The cotton for the down pillows and the Classic feather pillows is from Egypt and filled with only the finest ultra-premium Hungarian white goose down and goose feather from specie specific Hungarian geese. The cotton for the Original feather pillow is grown here in the United States.

Do you prefer pillows with an exceptionally plush feel that sink beneath your head and neck? Are you more partial to light pillows that are very moldable and ideal for snuggling? If you answered yes to either question, then you may be a great candidate for a down pillow. Down refers to the inner plumage of ducks and geese, which is very soft and lightweight. Some pillows only contain down while others contain a blend of down and feathers, the coarser outer plumage of the same birds.

Ethical sourcing is an important consideration for down pillows. Since the down and feathers must be extracted from animals, consumers should research how different pillows are sourced and constructed.

A shell made of smooth cotton sateen encases the entire pillow and double-stitched seams help to keep the cover intact and prevent escaping fill. The down and feathers are also treated during production to remove microbes that trigger allergies for some sleepers. Spot or dry cleaning is recommended if stains occur, but you can freshen up the pillow and expand its shape by placing it in a dryer on an air fluff setting.

A common complaint about down pillows is that they feel too soft, since many are crafted for an exceptionally plush feel. The Boll & Branch Down Chamber Pillow is a notable exception because it is available in three density settings. The soft option contains the least amount of fill, which equates to a fill power of about 600. The medium density option contains a slightly more fill, resulting in a mid-level feel, while the firm option has a fill power of 700 and provides great support to the head and neck.

With its soft feel and multiple firmness options, the Best Down Pillow is suitable for all sleep positions. Even stomach sleepers, who typically need pillow lofts that are thinner than many pillows on the market, should find this pillow comfortable. Side and back sleepers who need strong support from their pillow may prefer a model with firmer construction.

Side sleepers often struggle with down pillows because they are not lofty enough, resulting in uncomfortable sinkage along the head and neck. As its name implies, the Parachute Down Side Sleeper Pillow is designed to remedy this issue. A thick 3.5-inch gusset along the sides helps the pillow maintain a thick, full shape that is conducive to the side sleeping position. This gusset is reinforced with thick piping for added longevity.

The innermost chamber of the Down & Feather Pillow is made using a 95/5 down and feather blend. The added feathers help prevent clumping in the down, while also creating a slightly firmer layer that helps prevent sinking. Meanwhile, the outer chamber features 500 fill power down that is soft and resilient. The fill has earned certification from the Responsible Down Standard, indicating the birds are humanely treated throughout the plumage extraction process.

Standard and king sizes are available. You may launder the pillow at home, provided you own a front-loading washer. Otherwise you can opt for dry cleaning or machine washing at a laundromat. The down and feathers are ethically sourced.

Read on to learn more about how to find the best down feather pillows. This guide will discuss price expectations, size availability, pros and cons for sleepers, and ethical considerations for this type of pillow.

Most down pillows offer a similar feel characterized by exceptional plushness and deep sinkage beneath the head and neck. However, there are subtle differences between these pillow models that make them better suited for some types of sleepers and less suited for others. Important considerations include the type of down used, ratio of down to feathers, cover material, loft, and price-point. We also encourage shoppers to research the down and feather harvesting practices of different companies to ensure their pillows and other products are ethically sourced and manufactured.

While misleading claims and specs are widely used throughout the mattress and bedding industry, this problem is particularly common with products containing down. Some pillows contain 100 percent down, but most contain a blend of down and feathers from the same type of bird. The feathers provide more support to stabilize the pillow and prevent excessive sinkage.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates how down and feather pillows and other products are labeled. According to the International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory (IDFL), pillows containing at least 75 percent down require the percentage of down to be listed on the product tag. If a pillow contains less than 75 percent down, then percentages for both down and feather fill must both be listed. Only pillows that contain 100 percent down can carry this listing.

Most down pillows are sold in traditional standard, queen, and king sizes, all of which have a rectangular shape. Some brands offer body pillows padded with down and feather fill, as well, but these models are fairly rare. Contoured and orthopedic down pillows are virtually non-existent; in order to reduce neck and shoulder pain, these pillows are constructed from foams, latex, and other denser materials. 041b061a72


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