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Soldiers Of Twilight Believe MP3 Download

Advancing further towards the grounder's boundary, Pike becomes ever more wary, but Bellamy is able to convince him to carry on. Suddenly, a war horn sounds - as Bellamy has intentionally walked the group to the grounders. Pike attempts to order a retreat, but Bellamy seizes his sidearm, and pointing it at Pike's head, demands that he drop his weapon. Gillmer moves to intervene, but Octavia knocks him to the ground, while the remainder of Pike's escort are too stunned (or useless) to do anything to save their Chancellor. Bellamy has Octavia translate a message to the grounders, saying that he has brought them Pike in exchange for them lifting the blockade. Grounder archers kill Pike's three standing soldiers and surround the group. Octavia, seeing her chance for retribution, picks up a knife and attempts to kill Pike, but Kane stops her, saying Pike needs to face grounder justice. Pike, hearing this, advances on Bellamy, but takes an arrow to the shoulder and is then beaten unconscious by the grounders. Kane asks to accompany the grounders to Polis with the captured Chancellor, but before he leaves, he asks Bellamy why he turned Pike over: for his sister's sake, or because he believed it was the right thing to do. After Kane's departure, Monty informs Bellamy that it was his mother that turned him in, Bellamy reassures Monty that he will work things out with his mother because they are family. Meanwhile, Gillmer regains consciousness, but Octavia stabs him in the chest and kills him, saying the grounder words for, "blood must have blood".

Soldiers Of Twilight Believe MP3 Download

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