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Realm Revolutions Download Xp

How to Download and Play Realm Revolutions on Windows XP

Realm Revolutions is a free-to-play idle game inspired by Swarm Simulator, Realm Grinder and Idle Wizard. You can buy buildings and hire people, and be ready for a revolution! Your citizens will be very happy if you deal with their discontent, giving you a production bonus!

If you want to play Realm Revolutions on your old Windows XP computer, you will need to follow these steps:


  • Download and install the latest version of VirtualBox. VirtualBox is a software that allows you to run different operating systems on your computer as virtual machines.

  • Download the Windows XP Mode virtual hard disk. This is a file that contains a copy of Windows XP that you can use in VirtualBox.

  • Extract the Windows XP Mode file using a file archive tool like 7-Zip. You will need to open the file with 7-Zip, then extract the xpm file inside the Sources folder. Then, rename the VirtualXPVHD file to VirtualXP.VHD.

  • Create a new virtual machine in VirtualBox. Choose Windows XP (32-bit) as the operating system type, and assign at least 512 MB of RAM and 10 GB of hard disk space. Then, select the VirtualXP.VHD file as the hard disk image.

  • Start the virtual machine and follow the instructions to set up Windows XP. You will need to enter a product key, which you can find in the KEY file inside the Sources folder of the Windows XP Mode file.

  • Download and install Steam on the virtual machine. Steam is a platform that allows you to buy and play games online.

  • Search for Realm Revolutions on Steam and install it for free. You will need to create a Steam account if you don't have one already.

  • Launch Realm Revolutions from Steam and enjoy the game!

Note that running Windows XP on a virtual machine may affect the performance and compatibility of some games and applications. Also, Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, so it may not be secure or stable. Use it at your own risk.

If you have any questions or feedback about Realm Revolutions, you can visit its official website, Steam page, or Kongregate page. You can also check out other games by the same developer, Aleksandr Golovkin. Have fun!


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