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Journey of Self Actualization

* Learn Transformational Self-Therapy 

* Find & Move Towards Your Purpose

* Self realization as base of ALL relationships

* Set goals and align with the next level you

Who Do I Work Best With?

* Creatives, mystics, impact makers

* People who are aware of the multi-dimensional nature of reality

* People who already do their own inner work

* People who are inspired, intelligent and intuitive

* People who feel connected to the Divine / Life / Universe / God / Oneness

* People who are intentionally on their way to the next level of themSelves

My Approach

* I begin all sessions with a prayer to surrender to the Divine and be the vehicle it uses to bring the highest expansion and flourishing for you, with most ease, flow and joy. 

* I care about balance. There's a balance between shadow work and positive focus to go forward. There's a balance of energetic, mental, emotional and physical work to embody any transformation. I guide with right tools in regard of this balance.  

* I can be the facilitator and multiplier of the change and growth that YOU DECIDE for yourself. It is YOUR intention and energy that works through me to come back to you in another form. You harvest what you put in as intention, energy and time. 

White Sands

What Do Sessions Include?

* Use of powerful transformational modalities such as Transformative Breathwork, Theta Healing, Psychodrama, Parts Work, and more, to identify and release old patterns and anchor into new vibrations.  

* Coaching through questions and channeling personal transmissions

* Written after-session progress reports

* Homework to internalize and carry the work beyond.

* Delivered recordings of session parts if required for reinforcement. 


In What Ways I Can Support You?



A custom created journey to quantum leap towards your intended direction;

(3 spots available)

10 weekly sessions of 60 mins within 3 months.

2 mid-evaluations on the progress.

Realignment With Love -  self paced online course included as DIY support. 


1333 $ Pay In Full OR

1555 $  / 3 Months  



Guidance and support for Intentional growth through time; 

(5 spots available)

Monthly sessions of 75 mins.



weekly check-ins and Q&A's

Alchemizing Emotions -  self paced mini online course included as DIY support. 


155 $ X 6 Months  OR

1333 $ (Pay In Full)

for 12 Months



One off sessions for a deep dive into resolving harder knots on the path to self actualization. 

90 mins session on demand.


Asynchronous follow up integration support 



All ways I get to support you include the above aspects 


Are we aligned?

I will mention a bit about myself, for the purpose that you get to understand if I'm the right person for you to work with on this very special (for me even sacred) journey of self actualization. 

I'm a multi-disciplinary human being, centered in spirituality.


Which means I have my fingers in many different fields with excitement, from design to tech, from philosophy and sociology to improvisational dance, music and arts. But more than anything else, I have a devotion to Life, and enjoy discovering the texture of reality and the layers of human consciousness through experience.

So my journey led me to help others to master their own path with ease, as it was what I found myself naturally doing.

I get to help due to:

- surrending into the Divine to do the sessions instead of the human me :)


...but also, on a slightly more tangible level:

- a high vibrational sensitivity - meaning I can feel the vibrations behind the manifested issues + the potential cures in practice. 

- skill and practice in utilizing a vast array of science based and intuitive transformative tools (more on that further down). 

- and by design ( according to human design & affirmed by experience) my energy reinforces transmutation in people I engage with.   

I believe love is the essential ingredient in any multidimensional exchange. I naturally find myself feeling love for the people I work with and witness deeply, and the feeling naturally is mutual.

So it is a rather intimate connection.

That is why I put all this information so you can already sense if we have alignment or not.   

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